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Over the past 18+ years, my career has taken me into many industries and unique circumstances. Not the traditional route for sure, in fact, it’s been a humbling journey to experience the wisdom gained from various business projects, industries and the wearing of different hats.

What I’ve gained is the fortunate edge in being able to handle challenges from numerous angles to move a project forward and many times to succeed where others would give up.

What I’ve discovered is I am a catalyst- an agent for accelerated success. Whether in business or mindset I find solutions that are normally un-tapped. I breakthrough limits in what’s possible for a prosperous outcome.
"Change the World One Entrepreneur At a Time."
- Brian Rassi- 
MeFormula: Personalized Solutions Made Easy 
In 2011 my life changed drastically when someone I dearly loved got really sick. It caused me to stop and think about every aspect of my life and I decided from that point forward things needed to change. I needed to take control over my life in all aspects from business, to health, to learning, to spirituality, etc. Here is the thing, I needed to formulate a plan specific to my needs and wants. I’m different than you and you’re different than me and there lies the beginning of MeFormula.

I wanted solutions to my specific problems and I wanted them quickly. I have an ability to look at systems (technology or human) and understand how to accelerate them in a very short amount of time. I took a look at some major areas of focus I felt I could personalize in my life with the knowledge base I had acquired to years of experience and wrote about them. I know if you get this book and CD package your mind is going to get some juices flowing thinking about how you could also personalized your life around your own needs and wants.

That is the reason I created a personal and business consulting service is because I know how hard it is to do things alone. I wanted to provide the proper people and services to support your own MeFormula if you want our help. I have developed Personalized Solutions to the major needs of most people which includes Business, Marketing, Finance, Health, Food, Wellness and Spirituality. I help you formulate a specific plan to your Needs and Wants and in addition to the book and CD I also give you specialized handouts that you can use to help formulate your own personalized plan along the way.

There are many reasons businesses fail; don't let lack of leadership and funding be one of them. That's the easy part!
Enstigate: Entrepreneur Coaching & Funding
In 2015 Imelda and I started Enstigate Entrepreneurs. We combined both our talents and abilities to create entrepreneurial products and services that will help people to live a RICH Life.  By RICH we mean to Reclaim your Integrity to Create Happiness.  

Enstigate’s Purpose is To Change the World One Entrepreneur at a Time! When Ideas, Inspiration, and Innovation Collides with Enterprise and the Entrepreneurial Spirit You Are Able to Truly Change the World for Better! 

At some point in time in every business there comes a challenge or obstacles that presents itself. It’s how you respond to it that separates You from the rest of the pack. I have found that when you get the entrepreneur itch it will lead you down the path that will begin to force you to evolve into the person you were meant to become in order to succeed. In basic terms, you Evolve Thru Entrepreneurship!

Here at Enstigate Entrepreneurs, we focus on Solving the two biggest issues when becoming an entrepreneur. First, we address the proper training to become a successful CEO. Second, we provide access to capital in order to fulfill your mission and vision.

We Give You EVERYTHING You Need To Start-Up, Expand, or Buy Your Dream Business! Without Having To Struggle or Worry About Where To Find the Funding!

Over the years we have helped a lot of entrepreneurs and will continue to push the envelope to Change the World One Entrepreneur at a Time.  

I'm a firm believer in synchronicities in my life.  Imelda taught me to trust my intuition and to follow my inner voice. Everything I do these days is to better myself and the people around me through living a life worth living.  

If any of my thoughts resonate with you and want to learn more about me, my insights, or my journey then sign up for my free weekly illuminations!  Here is where I will make you laugh, cry, ponder, smile and most of all have more fun in your life for getting to know me better!!
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