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About Brian Rassi
For over twenty years, Brian has worked in many industries. Not taking the traditional route, he has gained crucial business knowledge from his work on various projects, in various industries, holding various positions. It has been humbling, to say the least.

This diversified career gives Brian an edge: he approaches a challenge from numerous angles, succeeding to move a project forward when others give up. He is a catalyst, an agent for acceleration. Brian finds outside-the-box solutions and untapped possibilities others cannot see, leading to prosperous outcomes.

Brian is an adept businessman who takes great pride in service to others. enstigate™ allows him to mix these two passions: people and opportunity. He knows that at any moment the right idea or person will come into his life and shift his trajectory to places he never saw coming. Now he wants to pay this authentic insight and knowing forward by helping others amplify their chances of success in whatever area they want to thrive in.

Regardless of industry, Brian has a become an event favorite for his clients. The blend of possibilities and real-life education in his speeches mean that audiences leave feeling elevated and equipped to finally fulfill their vision going forward. When he is not running enstigate™ Solutions or traveling to speak, Brian can usually be found at home mastering his craft in whatever area he feels will enhance his life to the fullest.

“Known Brian for a few years, he is truly special and amazing! He comes from many different levels as it relates to business understanding. Mind, body, spirit and he brings all of that into the business realm… Brilliant!”

- Carolyn Greenleaf, All Things Wellness Expo

Presentation & Topics
The Game of Success: Winning Through Failure
Best Audience: 
Management, Teams, User Conferences, Leaders, Associations
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the psychology behind why failure shows up in our lives
  • ​Gain clarity on what success actually is – a state of being without lack
  • ​Learn how to access the right next step to take no matter the circumstance
  • ​Discover the biggest reason why people fail and how to avoid it
  • ​Breakdown the 9 Step Failure-to-Success Cycle Process
  • ​Study the anatomy of a personalized fail-proof plan for maximum impact
  • ​Determine the many opportunities for transforming your life forward without resistance
It’s Possible! You’re on the Precipice of Your Next Level!
Best Audience: 
Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Networking Groups, User Conferences, Associations
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to access the resources available to you and where to find them now
  • ​Understand why businesses fail and what the successful ones do differently than everyone else.
  • ​Gain clarity on all the funding possibilities that every business owner should know about 
  • ​Discover the root cause to every business failure and how to best avoid it going forward.
  • ​Access the right money at the right time in the right way to take your business to the next level
  • ​Build confidence and belief that your vision and mission for the business is within your reach
  • ​Realize That It’s Possible to Grow Your Business Now! 
Lead Your City: 
Learn, Lead and Grow!
Best Audience: 
 Local Chambers of Commerce, Organizations, Networking Groups, and Companies
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the 7 Key Principles that every successful society must have.
  • ​Access live training and proven methods that can instantly enhance your ability to influence.
  • ​Learn How to Grow Your Business, Product or Service in Any Environment.
  • Connect with Local Like-minded Individuals who are the movers and shakers of the community
  • Provide your organization with the tools to shift their ability to expand their vision
  • ​Help clarify what is possible when you dedicate the right focus to your life and business
  • ​Walk Out the Door with the Ability to Lead Your City!

“Brian has very extensive knowledge about how funding works for every level of Entrepreneur and Business Owner. He delivered another great speech about funding and many of our Members and Partners have built relationships with him and he has helped many of them with their funding needs. ”

- Tom Jikomes, Power Networking Club Expo

Success Is A Skill Set You Can Master. You Can Teach It, You Can Learn It, and You Can Apply It With Consistent Results – And Best of All You Will Drastically Shorten Your Ability to Turn Failure Into Success.
Self-Mastery For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Leaders
"This Book Reveals A Lesser-Known Proven Path That Shows You How To Master The Skill Set Of Success In 2023"
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Brian Rassi helps individuals and companies attain capital, grow companies and sales through the art of mastering business fundamentals. Each presentation is a meta-learning experience with powerful research, engaging storytelling, and actionable strategies for measurable results.

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